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E-signing an Appraisal or Form (as an Employee)

You may be asked to electronically sign documents in Performance Pro. You do not have to upload a written signature. When you are logged into Performance Pro, with your unique and secure credentials, simply indicating that you have signed is considered a legal signature and protects both you and your organization.

It is important to note that signing a document is not an indication of agreement. Signing indicates that the information in the document has been shared with you. 

Whether you are signing a Form or Appraisal, the functionality is the same and is very simple to do.

When you login, your Home Screen will be the first screen to load. On the Home Screen, you will have a To Be Signed widget if there is an item awaiting your signature. To sign, simply click on the document, either a Form or an Appraisal, within this widget.

When the document loads, scroll to the signature area at the bottom of the document.

Click in the "Check this box to sign this document electronically" checkbox. Agree and Disagree buttons will appear.

As an employee, you may indicate whether you agree or disagree with the contents of the document. You may also choose to add a comment when you sign. However, if you mark Disagree, you will be required to add a comment. Appraisers are notified via email of employee comments.

To add a comment just click Add Comment and a pop-up box will appear. Enter your comments in this box. If the comment is taking some time, click Save periodically. When the comment is finished, click Save and Close to exit.

The comments you entered in the comment box will now appear on the document. To finalize and submit your signature, click the Save button.

The document has been signed! If you have more items to sign, return to the Home Screen by clicking Home.

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