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Editing Historical (Completed) Appraisals

Once an appraisal has been marked Complete, it is read-only.  However, there may be times when an appraisal may need to be edited after it has been completed.  Administrative Users may edit an appraisal that has been marked Complete.  If significant changes are needed, we recommend the appraisal be uncompleted and the changes be made by the appraiser.  Otherwise, quick edits can be easily made.

How to edit a completed appraisal:

  1. From the main menu, under Employee Documents, click Performance History.
  2. Click the employee selection tool. In the pop-up window, double-click the employee you wish to view or click once and click Select. You may also search by name or scroll through the employee list. Click Show Direct Reports Only if you wish to remove Downline users from the list and only display your direct reports.
  3. On the Appraisal Form tab, appraisals are listed in chronological order, newest to oldest. From the list of appraisals, click on the one you wish to edit.

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  4. Click the Edit button found at the top of the appraisal. This will open the Finish Appraisal Complete tab for the appraisal.

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  5. Appraisal dates and overall weights can be edited on this screen. After edits are made, click the Save button to save the changes.
  6. To edit appraiser ratings and comments, from the main menu, click on Evaluate Factors, Evaluate Goals, or Summary Comments and make your edits.


Changing anything on the appraisal other than the Period Start Date and Period End Date will result in e-signatures being removed and the appraisal will need to be signed again. If you are not using e-signatures, it is recommended that you print the appraisal and have all parties sign again.


Administrative Users can only edit the ratings and comments of a Primary Appraiser. They are not able to make any edits to ratings or comments of the employee or any multi-appraisers.

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