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Setting up Action Steps options

Setting goals with employees is a great way to keep them engaged and striving for success in their positions. Performance Pro allows appraisers to set goals for employees. It is also helpful sometimes to break those goals down into smaller steps. This gives the employee an action plan to achieve the goal.

By default, Action Steps are for informational purposes only. Appraisers are not required to create Action Steps. If they are created, they appear below the goal description on the Evaluate Goals screen and are not given ratings. Only the overall goal is given a rating.

Rate Action Steps

If you would like appraisers to have the option of giving a score to each Action Step, activate the Rate Action Steps feature in System Setup/Company Settings/Appraisal Settings tab. If enabled, a rating can be given for each individual Action Step. In this scenario, rating Action Steps is optional. The appraiser can rate the goal without rating each Action Step. If, however, ratings are given to the Action Steps, they will automatically combine to give a suggested score for the goal. The appraiser can choose to keep the suggested score or input a different one.


Require Rating of Action Steps

You may choose to make the rating of Action Steps a requirement. This is done by activating the Require Rate Action Steps option in System Setup/Company Settings/Appraisal Settings tab.

In this case, appraisers will not be able to evaluate the goal without giving each Action Step a score. The individual Action Step ratings combine to give a suggested score for that specific goal. Appraisers can override this suggested score calculation by entering a different score.

Note: If Require Rate Actions Steps is on, the rating can't stay at zero for any Action Step. If, for some reason, an Action Step isn't applicable, selecting N/A as the rating will allow you to score the goal and move on in the process.

Prohibit Override of Suggested Score

If Prohibit Override is enabled, the appraiser will not have the ability to override the suggested score calculation for the goal.

Example of Rating Action Steps

To rate Action Steps:

  1. If the goal you selected has Action Steps, an Action Steps box will appear below the goal description. Expand the box, if necessary, to view all Action Steps and information by clicking the expander at the bottom center of the box.
  2. Read the description of the Action Steps (if present). From the Rating dropdown box, click the down arrow and select a rating.
  3. Continue until all Action Steps have been evaluated. Ratings on Action Steps will be averaged together to produce a suggested score for the Goal. This score will automatically be reflected on the scoring bar and in the box above it. You may manually edit this score unless Prohibit Override was enabled in Company Settings.


Tool tips will display when you hover your mouse over options in System Setup. Tool tips contain additional details explaining the setting and how it is meant to be used.

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