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Please note that the terminology used in this article is the default language. Your organization may have customized the terms Factor, Goal, Core Value, Employee, Appraiser, Appraisal, Multi-Appraiser, Summary Comments, Ready for Meeting, and Action Steps to a different term. The customized terms will display in your system.

Below you will find links to Knowledge Base articles that will help you utilize Performance Pro in your succession planning process. You can also review our blog article: Can HR Simplify the Succession Planning Process?

Ensure Content of Factors/Competencies Meets Your Organization’s Needs

Ensure Your Key Positions are Evaluated on the Most Critical Factors/Competencies

Evaluate Potential and Compare Performance in Critical Factors/Competencies

Evaluate the potential of selected employees by building a Form to gather this data (instructions below.) Also, compare the performance of employees overall and in critical Factors/Competencies. If you like the succession planning report featured in the video, please reach out to the Product Support team (1-800-940-7522) or send an email to for assistance in running this custom report for your organization.

Utilize Existing Forms/Create New Forms to Help You Gather Necessary Information

If you are interested in receiving more information and further utilizing Performance Pro in your succession planning efforts, please email us at

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