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Integration of Performance Pro and BambooHR

This document outlines the BambooHR to Performance Pro integration. When integrating with an HRIS/Payroll system, the information will flow from the HRIS/Payroll application to Performance Pro. If you have an integrated Compease and Performance Pro System, data will be shared with both applications.

How does Performance Pro integrate with BambooHR?

Performance Pro integrates with BambooHR through Application Program Interface (API). This integration provides users with a seamless, integrated database with minimal setup and automatic operation. With this integration, updates made in BambooHR sync automatically with Performance Pro every 15 minutes.

What data is sent to Performance Pro from BambooHR?

The following fields within BambooHR are automatically sent to Performance Pro every 15 minutes.

Fields included in integration:

Notes Regarding Integration

  • If the Employee #/Employee ID field in BambooHR or the Username field in Performance Pro is changed, the corresponding field will need to be manually updated in the other system.
  • Duplicate Employee #/Employee ID’s are not allowed for the integration to function correctly.
  • Changes made in BambooHR will be automatically updated in Performance Pro within 15 minutes. If a mistake is made in a data entry field in BambooHR resulting in the same change in Performance Pro, you can correct the mistake in BambooHR and the corrected information will update Performance Pro with the next update (15 minutes).
  • If you have a new job title, add it to the list of Positions in Performance Pro (from System Setup/Content Customization/Position Configuration) before adding it and assigning it to an employee in Bamboo HR (ensure when adding to BambooHR that the title matches exactly to the one that is in Performance Pro or a new one will be created.) This will ensure that when BambooHR updates the corresponding field in Performance Pro, the Position name is available. Otherwise, it will create the position with no factors assigned.
  • If you have new Departments, Divisions, or Locations, they can be created in BambooHR and employees assigned to them. When the system updates, the new Department, Division, or Location will be created in Performance Pro.
  • The appraiser will not be designated or assigned within Performance Pro if that individual is not listed in the “Reports To” field in the Job Information Table in BambooHR.
  • Appraiser changes will default to use the Copy confirmation option within Performance Pro.
  • The flow of data is from BambooHR to Performance Pro. This is a one-way data flow and no information flows from Performance Pro back to BambooHR.

How Do I Enable Integration?

If you would like to speak with someone about integrating your HRIS system with Performance Pro, please call Product Support at 1-800-940-7522 and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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