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Listing of articles related to routing

Routing is the process of sending Forms and/or Appraisals from one manager/appraiser to another for feedback or approval. The items can be reviewed and edits made, Notes attached, and approval or disapproval given. The routing process is all handled within Performance Pro, although emails can also be utilized to notify recipients.

Below is a listing of some of the articles in our Knowledgebase related to setting up and using the routing process in Performance Pro. Simply perform a search in Knowledgebase for the article title or click on the link.


Activating the Routing Feature

Setting up Routing Features

Setting up and Assigning Routing Paths

Routing Group

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Company Units


Routing an Appraisal (Appraiser or Admin)

Routing a Form

Responding to a Routed Item (Appraiser/Admin)

Adding a Note to a Routed Item (Appraisal or Form)

Viewing the Routing History and Notes of Routed Items (Appraisals or Forms)

Reviewing Edits Made to Forms you Routed


Handling Unusual Routing Situations

Stopping a Route in Progress (Appraisal)

Canceling a Currently Routed Form

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